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About Us

Spinnaker Foundation was created by Jennifer L. Malmberg to support charitable causes important to the Malmberg family.  The foundation focuses on the arts, athletics, education and health with an emphasis on educating children, encouraging philanthropic activities and improving the local community. 

The Arts

Spinnaker Foundation plans to continue its support of the arts through sponsorship of museum special events as well as children’s programs related to the arts.  In addition to advancing art appreciation among adults, the Malmbergs find it imperative for children to be exposed to and participate in the arts at a young age.  As art programs are reduced at schools around the country, one of the goals of the foundation is to provide support for children’s arts programs in the local community.  
Spinnaker Foundation understands that athletics play an important role in a child's education and character development.  The foundation supports various athletic programs to help them advance the qualifty of their programs and continue to provide positive experiences for their athletes.

In addition to supporting children’s art programs, Spinnaker Foundation is active in advancing all levels of education through its sponsorship of special programs, support for technology initiatives in the schools, and granting scholarships.  The foundation will continue its support of elementary through high school education through donations aimed at supporting creative programs that allow children to excel and advance more quickly as well as through donations in support of capital projects which enhance the learning experience.  The foundation will continue to focus on supporting collegiate excellence specifically in the area of business education through donations in support of capital projects and innovative programs.  The foundation also provides direct support to outstanding students through scholarships. 


Spinnaker Foundation intends to continue supporting medical and scientific organizations focused on research into cancer and other diseases.  In addition, the foundation provides support to those organizations providing care or comfort to children and adults with life-threatening medical conditions.